To 'pat' someone is to throw one's excrement, especially faeces, at them.
Ladies may also choose to throw used menstrual regalia instead of faecal matter.
One may commit the ultimate pat by furnishing one's bowel with the necessary materials before positioning oneself directly above the head of a friend, relative or perhaps passing person, thence one proceeds to pat them right on the head.
Katy was constantly banging on about her wide-set vagina, which finally pushed Alex to the point of patting her with sloppy twos.

Alex had been a dick to Katy so she pat him. She pat him good.

Katy's menses had stained Alex's favourite shirt after the pat attack, therefore he fucking killed her dead. Bitch.
by MEFF February 11, 2009
Top Definition
The rare occurance of ejaculating in your underwear after a female touches your penis for a short amount of time. This is primarily caused by not mastubating before going on a date with an incredibly hot girl.
His girlfriend made him pat last night, isn't that embarrassing.
by LCPL USMC Ret. January 16, 2006
Short for the name Patrick.
Hey, there goes Pat, i love that guy.
by Pat P May 07, 2008
A person that looks like a man and a woman. From old SNL skit.
-Dude, check ou that chick, how fucking ugly.

-No way man, that is totally a guy.

-I think it is a Pat.
by pat hughes December 15, 2005
The coolest cat in town.
Dude he is a pat.

He was a pat
by nicodle October 05, 2006
Nickname for the New England Patriots football team
this year da pats gonna win da super bowl
by grinningdemon18 October 03, 2004
The word Pat is short for, Perfect, attractive and tempting. It is often used by girls, who finds a man very attractive.
A:''Hey check out that dude in the bar, he looks hansome''
B:''yeah, he is truly a pat''.
by Nowaiiii September 05, 2010
A Pat is a non-gender specific person. In other words, a Pat is a person whose gender cannot be determined by the common onlooker. The term "Pat" is given to these people because it's a non-gender specific name. The person could be a Patrick or a Patricia. To be safe, we call these folks Pat. How to spot a Pat:

a) Pats tend to wear Sketchers (or Crocs), cheap wristwatches, and unisex slacks

b) Pats are normally overweight. In this sense, you cannot tell if 'it' has man-boobs or actual breasts.

c) Pats often adorn shirts with horses, wolves, or Disney characters on them. Tourist shits in general are also the preferred clothing of the Pat

d) Pats sport androgynous haircuts- short, sometimes spiky.
Is that person a man or a woman?

It's a Pat.
by patspotter101 April 10, 2010
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