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A person that does sexual favours for dogs
i cant believe you done a "pat" for a tenner
by Coco21312 November 05, 2013
(n.) a short or long nap taking anywhere preferrably in places where it may not be appropriate

(v.) napping, sleeping

This term is specific to boyss only!!
Dude, why did you take a pat during that British lady's speech?

I could not pat to save my life last night.
by dutch.napps June 22, 2011
A major tool. Very short. Has laxbro hair but will soon cut it off and realize that without it he is HIDEOUS. MAJOR tool face. Has an extremely small penis and is horrible at everything. Likes to call people fatasses and emo. Gets people to hate him than tries to apologize. He will soon be gay.
Delia ; I CANNOT believe I dated Pat !

Me ;:/
10 years later

Me ; That kid Pat you once dated ... He's gay now.
Delia ; I KNEW IT .
by IHATERIVERSKIDS March 23, 2011
Pat is someone with the name Pat.Often used to scream at someone named pat
Hey look micheal its PAT!
by SenorTB November 03, 2010
When you don't know the sex of someone. You call them a pat...
Nah son don't mess with that...She's a pat.
by FaithNU July 06, 2014
Tune King
He's such a Pat
by ElliotKingshott June 05, 2013
Past tense for Pit (verb).
Lewis Hamilton pat in the pit lane.

(he then went on to lose the race because he isn't that good and his team had pat Hamilton badly. This not surprising as Mclaren are a bit crappy)
by Guymitchell June 08, 2011