A person who pretends they dont know how to do something to get out of doing a task or job. Does the minimum and expects others to do everything. We all work with a least one Pat!
Susan didnt do the filing, she was doing a Pat!
by Scat Cat September 21, 2010
Term used to describe being on one's period.
I'm on pat!
by ke$haSUCKMYDICK June 13, 2010
a drink made of any types of alcohol mixed together so your parents will not find out you've been stealing there alc., try making it you get fucked up
lets go get drunk off Pat
by Pat M-field August 25, 2006
someone who just got played by someone that hides behind meds and shrinks. And thinks she had all the answers. His life is not perfect but its better then the bitch that cries nuts!!!
Wow Pat just got Fucked over by a crazy bitch
by cone_head1111 December 14, 2010
A person who is naturally a asshole & possibly likes it in the asshole. Someone who likes to bring people down and is stuck in a place in life where there is no purpose. This person may be the biggest loser youll ever meet.
"Boo hoo hoo my llife sucks,Im going to smoke my life away and then die" Me: "OO Pat" SMH
by DownPanda December 06, 2010
Noun. A heterosexual man who claims he has never masturbated in his entire life, but everyone knows that it is a down right lie.
If you're 18 and you claim you have never masturbated before, you are a Pat.
by Fu3k June 20, 2009
Plural, stands for Patrols. Typically used in MMORPG games and stands for attackable non playing objects (mobs) that are patrolling an instance.
Bring this mob back dood, pats are incoming.
by TastyTots March 09, 2006

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