Football Term
Point After Touchdown. One point if the ball is place kicked through the uprights, two if the ball is rushed or thrown and received in the end zone. The PAT begins on the two yard line.
I thought the TD would get us into overtime but Keith Toogood missed the PAT.
by guided fox October 02, 2005
the illest cheesesteak establishment in the world. home to the original cheesesteak & way greater than its faux paux competitors (tony luke, gino, etc.)
we're gunna swing by pats before the game & pick up some steaks, ite?!
by jsnyd September 27, 2005
(Noun) *pah-tz* (Latin/Greek origin) Pats-- In the middle ages, a pats would be a man who runs rampant throughout the streets and bedclothes older woman.
Did you see jimmy got with barbra last night? what a fuckin pats
by CSpats May 26, 2013
wimpy, wont even talk to his girlfriends,AFRAID OF COMMITMENT! fucking hot, wont stay around long enough to find out his size.. (maybe one day :D) sucks at kissing, WAIT I DONT EVEN KNOW! He sucks.... HIS HAIR IS CRAZY!
ex. I'm not a one night stand kind of gal!

Was it pat?

of course! WHO ELSE??


would it make a difference?


why'd i fall in love with a fucking pat...
by blondiesforeva1 May 28, 2011
A person who likes to hit on and creep on little 14 year old girls. A term commonly used for expressing a person doing this is patofile. He is un-phased by the ridicule of being made fun of, and continues to try and get head from little girls. His dad is also an asshole of a traffic cop
Pat, they're 14. Stop hitting on them
by jkgkjhkjhjkl March 29, 2011
Perky. Ass. Tits :D
"dang man, she got pat."
by curiouscat August 11, 2009
A phrase used to specify a cross-gender individual. A person possessing traits of both male and female … making it difficult to determine their gender. Originally made famous from a skit on SNL called, "Pat".
Damn! What the hell? that a man or a woman. No! That's a Pat.
by Woody Johnson November 22, 2006

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