port arthur,texas
man 1:where you from?
man 2:man im straight out that p.a.t.
by laydee_too_trill September 24, 2008
wen u proceed to slap someones balls hard for amusement purposes
owww my balls hurt luke just patted me
by Foxxxyboy August 10, 2006
A term used in many online games (specifically WoW) that is short for "patrolling". This is used to describe an enemy that moves around on a designated path rather than just standing still.
Lookout, here come a pat.

Wait for the pat before you pull the rest.
by psytch February 24, 2009
short for "pitch a tent"; get an erection/boner
As soon as he saw that girl shakin' her booty, he knew he was gonna p a t.
by Caitlinnn April 04, 2007
slang for smoking marijuana
Just wait I'm bout to go pat this blunt
by D the sneak March 10, 2008
Whenever someone does somethng embarassing or stupid then ''PAT!'' is shouted out in order to cause the person further embarassment.
First used in Glasgow, Scotland. Now a common phrase in Scottish mainlands.
In math class boy argues with the teacher
Teacher tells boy to sit down
Fustrated at losing arguement, boy storms out class
Fellow classmate shouts 'PAT!' just as he leaves class
Boy feels more embarassedThe end
by Archbishop cunty March 23, 2009
1.N) Type of candy, always sweet and "OUT OF THIS WORLD", named after patricia herself. Best flavors are strawberry and fried chicken
Those pats are delicious!
by StrawberryPatslover17 October 26, 2008

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