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pussy, weed, and alcohol
pussy, weed, and seems to satisfy us all
by robdog073191 May 04, 2005
Pussy, weed, and alcohol-ALL U NEED
Pussy, pussy pussy, pussay, pussy, pussy pussy. PWA
by Jared R. R. December 02, 2005
an acronym for pussy weed and alcohol
maan dawg i need some more pwa these hoz off the chain more weed and alcohol and ima get some brain
by NuMMa1StuNNa January 06, 2004
Pending Wife's Approval
non-gender version is psa or pending spousal approval (or even pending significant-other approval)
The status on renewing my season tickets is PWA.
by mik twain February 15, 2011
Pissy Womanizing Asshole
Man he is a real P.W.a
by Red May 16, 2003
Acronym for Pissy Womanazing Asshole, Name given to guys who manage to be all three of these things simultaneously.
God, he is such a PWA! He says he loves the girl, gets a BJ from her, and then dumps her. And on top of that he complains about the relationship afterwards!
by Grant May 09, 2003
pigs with attitude
clan pwa? bunch of fat nerds that couldn't get laid.
by HeatoN May 07, 2003

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