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A tassle for your nipple so you can get 'naked' but not be totally out there, but it doesn't cover very much at all.
She was not naked, she was wearing a pastie.
by Joe February 01, 2004
137 16
A definition of a pastie origionated from Cornish pastie. It was then changed to coonish pasties, and finally pastie for short.
How many 'pasties' are there in london?
by tiger4boy May 30, 2009
26 15
An Irish meal. Sliced beef with onions and potatoes with gravy rolled into bread and fried. Served with fries. What your friend from Michigan keeps saying he wants for dinner and no one knows what the hell he's talking about.
"I want a pastie for dinner."

"You'll get taco bell and like it, damn yooper."
by Ringmaster - USMC February 14, 2009
29 22
A girls pussy, vagina.
Usually refer's to a virgin.
by Diego Blunt August 29, 2003
19 140