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"When a girl is "sucking your dick" and spends more time holding it and staring, licking the shaft, and generally pussyfooting around actually putting my cock in her mouth and moving her mouth back and forth."

quote by :u/SomalianRoadBuilder
term by : u/marktx
Guy 1: Dude I got a blowjob last night!
Guy 2: How was it?
Guy 1: Honestly, bad. All she did was lick the shaft and she didn't even suck it!
Guy 2: Sorry man, you didn't get a blow job, she was just Paris Hiltoning.
by patches_ April 07, 2014
Becoming one of the hottest people on earth and then becoming one of the worst musicians to ever live on the planet
i feel like Fergie is Paris Hilton-ing now L.A. Love sucks dick man
by DJMikeyD25 February 16, 2015

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