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"I love the word 'paraphernalia.' It's the most sophisticated sounding word with the most vague and simple definition."
by Pierre Pressure October 11, 2011
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1. Stuff, things, items, objects, tools, geegaws, whachamacallits, thingamajigs, dofunnies, hinktybobbles, accoutrements, trinkets, accesories, clutter, flotsam, jetsam, literature, gadgets, nicknacks, paddy-whacks, and dogs to give bones to.

2. Items one uses to accomplish a task.

3. Tools of a trade.

4. Anything used to assist in ingesting illegal narcotics of any kind.
1. I don't want any of your paraphernalia!

4. They got busted for manufacturing paraphernalia, man! (A common refrain around Arcata, CA.)
by Downstrike May 25, 2004
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Noun. (Pa - ra - pher - nay - lee - ah)

1) Items which might be associated with a particular habit or trade.

2) The operation which involves the removal of one's scrotal sack. A practice which has all but died out in these enlightened times but which was carried out in Australasia and parts of Asia on convicted criminals who were deemed as unsuitable to father further children.
'let me get my paraphernalia and I'll see what I can do for you'
by Peter Taylor March 01, 2006
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madness, chaos, something you thought would be a simple exercise but ends up being a right mission
"oh my god! What a paraphernalia that was!"
by BubsHK September 10, 2006
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