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the universal call of tha Juggalos!
to get a ninja's/juggalo's attention, yell out "Whoop-Whoop!". this term is universal. the same language doesn't even have to be known.
by Silent Ninja c1998 July 15, 2003
731 386
An expression of sheer excitement at an event that was already passed or is yet to be experienced.
Gonna get me a bottle of Blue, whoop whoop
by TheCoon89 April 20, 2011
189 131
the call of the juggalos... meaning wats up ninja.
whoop whoop mutha fucka whoop whoop
by juggalomuthafuckas August 01, 2010
327 291
WhoopWhoop is the middle of no where.
An unknown town that no one has ever heard it.
The population is so low that everyone is related to each other in some way.
Person 1: Hey you want to hang out this weekend?
Person 2: Nah, sorry. I have to visit my relatives.
Person 1: That's cool, where do they live?
Person 2: I don't know. In the middle of WhoopWhoop.
by Chibot July 03, 2009
40 21
The sounds of the faggotry that is ICP. Juggalo's Juggalette's and all other JuggaPussy's seem to convey this message to mean What's Up. But in reality it's dumb and makes you want to punch them in the fucking throat. They say it to sound cool when talking to their friends because other than saying that and drinking Faygo, they have no life. Faygo for the Faygo's.
JuggaPussy: Whoop Whoop!
JuggaCunt: Whoop Whoop! Where dayt Faygo ayt? All bout dat Moon Mist.

Other 99% of the population who isn't completely fucking stupid and listens to real music: Go fuck yourself before I punch you in the throat.
by JuggaBitch Hater. January 30, 2011
594 589
the ultimate form of greeting and approval used by juggalos and jugalettes every where
Luke: hey is that kegan across the street

Joe: ya it is
Luke: hey kegan WHOOP WHOOP
by Lucky 88 February 06, 2012
61 58
Usually a member of the Juggalo/Psychopathic family will use this as a welcome, calling "whoop whoop" to another Juggalo/lette.
Call whoop whoop! and you'll get one back from anyone that considers themselves family
by Hatchet Baby March 31, 2011
195 193