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A citizen from Paraguay who will hold their head up proud and will not take shit from anybody and will sip his/her tea with dignity. So fuck you.
I'm Paraguayan.
Ha Mow my lawn bitch
How about I mow your face asshole
by A Rebel October 11, 2010
A person native to the South American nation of Paraguay. They don't take shit from ANYONE, drink their famous Yerba Mate, Play Soccer a.k.a Futbol, speak Spanish and the native indigenous Guarani language and are just plain awesome. Paraguayan girls are sexy especially when they are modeling for Miss Paraguay or Miss Universe pageants and Paraguayan males have amazing muscles and nice six packs when they take off their shirts and jerseys cheering in the soccer stadiums. Most Paraguayans are Meztizo ( Mixed Spanish and Ingidenous) which they are proud of. Paraguayans are genuinely kind and warm people who always are looking to have a good time.
The {Paraguayan} soccer team went very far in the 2010 FIFA World Cup until they were defeated by Spain's national team.
None of the international models in the Miss Universe Pageant 2004 were as gorgeous as Yania Gonzalez, the {Paraguayan} model.
{Paraguayans}are not short, they are fun sized.
by Penguin95 April 29, 2013

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