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It is the biggest city in Nigeria. I ve been there once and made some good friends. The food is hot so the weather
lagos is cool, i was three months there and i did not see any tourist, so i met only locals and i broad up my horizons
by pablo bvs September 07, 2006
That is the most conservative city in Brazil, if you go there you must wear big jumpers and a fine coat.
im going to Curitiba, coz I like cold weather!
by pablo bvs September 10, 2006
scientific word for mate leafs
- i would like to buy some paraguayan tea please.
- mate? Sí como no!
by pablo bvs September 11, 2006
it is a beautiful city in the north east of Brazil
- dude, im going to Natal coz I have seen enough of Rio de Janeiro!
by pablo bvs September 11, 2006
In the hinduism, it's the son of Shiva. The legend says that shiva went out to meditate for a few years leaving behind his baby with parvati, his wife, and when he come back he saw his baby grown up. He became jelous of his son so he killed him. After that he felt guilty and he put a head of a dead elephant in the neck of ganesha so he came back to live again.
sri Ganesha om jay! Ganesha pahiman, pahiman ganesha
by pablo bvs September 09, 2006
it is an electric chair, the cool dudes in texas call it that way.

America is the only rich country that has not abolished it yet.
kill someone in tx and you'll go to the "hot chair"
by pablo bvs September 07, 2006
Buetey, is the short for beautiful It is more used in Australia.
buetey - you are a real beautey Nicole, i want to marry you!

- I dont want to marry you, i dont even know you well.
by pablo bvs November 02, 2006
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