Precision Approace Position Indication
I was off the glide slop and the PAPI was Red/Red, I thought we were hooped but jake pulled us out of it
by Martysinclair January 18, 2005
Usually use in terms of the main man in drug dealing.
I need to holla at papi about some blow.
by Jaehood December 09, 2003
Papi stands for...

Papi is Spanish, but we (Americans) use it as a pet name for our men.
Aye papi, I like it rough.
by Caliente January 10, 2004
PAPI - aviation term meaning Precision Approach Path Indicator. A set of four lights to the side of a runway set on the glideslope. If they are shining 4 red, you are two low. 2 red to white, you are just right. 2 white means you are too high.
We're coming down right on the PAPI.
by ImThePilot May 28, 2015

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