Precision Approace Position Indication
I was off the glide slop and the PAPI was Red/Red, I thought we were hooped but jake pulled us out of it
by Martysinclair January 18, 2005
A Spanish Person Usually From The Dominican Republic Or Columbia Thats Sell a Large amout of Drugs (Usually Cociane) To Big Drug Dealers in The States.
When i'm done, i'm gonna call Papi for some more Bricks
by Willie Blanco April 17, 2006
Usually use in terms of the main man in drug dealing.
I need to holla at papi about some blow.
by Jaehood December 09, 2003
Papi stands for...

Papi is Spanish, but we (Americans) use it as a pet name for our men.
Aye papi, I like it rough.
by Caliente January 10, 2004
Someone who is hitting the pussy right
I call qvonisha papi cuz he hit it right
by Trademark tit face June 26, 2016
simply means daddy. Spanish speakers use this term also for their boy friends husbands, dads even children. papi ven aqui= daddy come here.
this term is used quite often
as I can see one of my friends and say Oye papi ven aqui. Hey buddy come here. which properly translated would mean Hey daddy come here. Also a girl can call you Papi or you can be a girls Papi literally. It's like using mate or buddy or darling. I hope this helps.
by theRealGusto April 03, 2016
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