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A guy with superpower able to destroy the world, mental control powers and ninja skills. Some says that a rivera guy is immortal, but it is actually unconfirmed by the scientific community.
Guy 1: don't you know that superman is on a rivera level?,
Guy 2: no way, superman it's too lame to even compare.
#rivera #guy #superpowers #immortal #superman
by Anonnymous guy March 30, 2011
noun - the act of failing to show up or arriving late to class, usually preceded by the phrase "to pull a"
"Hey, where's Tazumi?"

"Oh, I think he pulled a Rivera."
#related words: sleepy #apathetic #colombian #amirite? #genius
by 13anonymous37 September 30, 2009
Short tempered, mexican fence hopper
Dude, did u see rivera jump that fence?
#mexican #border jumper #angry kid #brown dude #ryan
by 65745674567 October 11, 2006
Short for riv, this is the Spanish slang word for pedophile. An older man who preys on underage girls, especially through the internet.

Also see chester
"But hombre, I didn't know she was 16... I'm not a rivera!!"
#pedophile #child molester #underage #scumbags #chester
by Babygirl16 August 07, 2007
An alternative meaning to Dick In a Box. Can be used against you in a mean way, like calling you a dick, or can be used in a nice way, like saying that your really smart.
Example 1: Dude, stop being such a Rivera. Its annoying.

Example 2: Dude, your such a Rivera! Good job!
#smart #dick in a box #dick #tool #annoying
by Godloveseveryone January 04, 2011
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