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A name that mexicans and mexican americans use as an endearment for calling their young sons, nephews.

It is also has the meaning of "Little Daddy"
Papi, go pick up your toys so we can go to the park.

Ay, Papi you are growing up so fast.

Papi your a great soccer player.
by tejanaforever August 23, 2009
A word literally meaning "daddy". Used as a pet name amongst lovers referring to the male. Also used by Caribbean Hispanics (mainly Puerto Ricans) in the likeness of the word "Dude"
Ey papi que haces chico?

"hey dude wassup man?"
by randomness at its best June 26, 2009
Precision Approach Path Indicator - Used in avionics to guide planes to the runway using the approach path (Glide Path).
A series of 3 or 4 lights that change colour from white to red in accordance to the height of the aircraft.

Red over Red - Too low
Red over White - On the Glide path
White over White - Too high

The PAPI lights can be seen up to 5 miles in daylight and upto 20 miles at night.
The PAPI system will help us find the runway

Red over Red - You'll soon bang your head
Red over White - You'll be allright
White over White - You'll be out of sight
by Flight Lieutenant Bilbo June 29, 2009
A crackhouse down in Boston.
I went to Papi's and got a free 8 ball
by 4twenty3 March 11, 2008
A part of the body, which would be very uncomfortable/embarrassing for a random person to touch.
"Don't you dare go near my papis!" "But I was just touching your armpit!" "Respect my papis's"
by LustyLemon January 06, 2010
The way Silvio Berlusconi, famous Italian tycoon and Prime Minister, is called by the girls of his harem.
Papi invited me in his Sardinian villa.
I owe my career to Papi.
by IliomeDefe June 21, 2009
The man of your dreams. He's stubborn and handsome. He looks extra good with a fro. His arms will hold you like you've never been held before. He is patient, gentle, and gracious. Full of determination and very smart. His eyes are like rainbows. He values family. He's outgoing and fun to be around. He has heart. He'll take your breath away when he sings. He cares for people. And last but not least, his legs may not work.. but everyone knows it doesn't take anything away from his value. People know him and adore him, and look up to him for inspriration. The Big Man upstairs was showing of when He made him.
I am the luckiest girl alive to have my Papi.
by cruzsr91 September 14, 2011