The way Silvio Berlusconi, famous Italian tycoon and Prime Minister, is called by the girls of his harem.
Papi invited me in his Sardinian villa.
I owe my career to Papi.
by IliomeDefe June 21, 2009
The man of your dreams. He's stubborn and handsome. He looks extra good with a fro. His arms will hold you like you've never been held before. He is patient, gentle, and gracious. Full of determination and very smart. His eyes are like rainbows. He values family. He's outgoing and fun to be around. He has heart. He'll take your breath away when he sings. He cares for people. And last but not least, his legs may not work.. but everyone knows it doesn't take anything away from his value. People know him and adore him, and look up to him for inspriration. The Big Man upstairs was showing of when He made him.
I am the luckiest girl alive to have my Papi.
by cruzsr91 September 14, 2011
A nickname for a lesbian who is well-known for her womanizing techniques.
"On The L Word, Papi gets all the girls."

"I wouldn't get too caught up with her if I were you. She's a real Papi."
by stayglorious June 03, 2009
A sexy or very masculine person, preferably of the hispanic culture.
Amanda is my papi.
she is mi papi chulo.
by Elmito March 24, 2008
best Ultimate Baseball Player of all time and also Owner of the Flight organization.
Papi will own you in any league game, you cannot get him out.
by Papi's Biggest Fan October 05, 2007
Derogative Term To Referring Your Self To Being Somebody's Bitch.
*During Basketball game*
Guy2:thanks bitch.
by Tim ;] July 10, 2008
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