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Spanish slang word meaning 'He who fiddles with himself for sexual gratification'.
Unknowingly used by a major automobile manufacturer who took the more academic translation of the word to mean 'Straw Dealer'
I've just been to the men's room and I think I heard a Pajero in the cubicle
by PsychoPsy June 13, 2007
Word often used in Argentinian language to refer to a guy that:
1. It's too lazy to do stuff
2. Looks at women in a very perverted sexual way or Hooks up with lot of women
1. Juan: Do you wanna go out tonight?

Hugo: No.. I'm tired.

Juan: Come on, pajero!

2. Pedro is in a night club and he sees all the woman pass by and he says "Look at all this women, I want them all!" and he tries to hook up with all of them. Pedro is a pajero.
by Chichiuaua April 06, 2011
1. Someone who lies or embelishes facts. Not necesarily to deceive or in a malicious manor. Can almost be translated into someone who's "Full of Shit."

2. Someone who tends to make plans and not come through with them can gain the reputation of being "pajero"
1. George, "Man, that kickback last night was crackin'. There must've been like 200 people there!"

Joe, "Not eveeen!!! No seas Pajero! (Don't be full of shit!) There was like 50 people there tops!"

2. Maria, "So fer sure, fer sure let's go to Vegas this weekend. I'm so serious , I haven't been there in so long so I'm so serious!"

Javi, "Hell yea, I'm too down!!! If you're down, I'm down!"

Jessica, "I wouldn't get your hopes up, Maria is kind of Pajera."
by Mé-lo May 26, 2012
A man who is (a) physically large, much like the 4WD Mitsubishi Pajero and (b) who is a total wanker.

Characteristics of a pajero include lots of interior empty space and loud noise.
In Spanish, a 'pajero' means a wanker. Arnold Schwarzenegger is a pajero.
by fortissime January 19, 2011
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