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Word often used in Argentinian language to refer to a guy that:
1. It's too lazy to do stuff
2. Looks at women in a very perverted sexual way or Hooks up with lot of women
1. Juan: Do you wanna go out tonight?

Hugo: No.. I'm tired.

Juan: Come on, pajero!

2. Pedro is in a night club and he sees all the woman pass by and he says "Look at all this women, I want them all!" and he tries to hook up with all of them. Pedro is a pajero.
by Chichiuaua April 06, 2011
to be drunk
Juan: Boludo, que pedo nos pusimos ayer!

(Hey, We were so drunk last night!)
Luis: Sí, estaba muy en pedo!
(Yes, I was really drunk!)
by Chichiuaua April 06, 2011
Prebo, diminutive for Pre-Boliche it's often used in argentinian language to refer to getting together to drink before going out.
Juana: Today we are going to Pacha.

Elisa: ok, where is the prebo?
Juana: the prebo is in Facu's house.
by Chichiuaua April 06, 2011

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