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Of or pertaining to a breed of imperial cats originating from the Yucatan Peninsula. Typically all black cats with round, big eyes who are notable for their fluffy coat, as well as their trademark floppy spine. Mexican folklore hold these cats as divine, born from the gods themselves.
Luis Guzman in "Carlito's Way" portrayed quite a pachanga, imperial character.
by Hansel Holmstrom November 11, 2007
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1. Someone who used to be your friend and no longer is.

2. A traitor.

Comes from the name of Luis Guzman's character in Carlitos Way. Also a song by Fabolous describing this situation.
A thug changes, and loves changes, and best friends become strangers, Pachangas
by scarlitos August 12, 2009
West Coast definition - Party or Dance Party.

Are you going to the Pachanga ? Simon guey hay te veo.
by Kuerno May 23, 2008
a Spanish slang work meaning to party hard, normally with many people; to rage
I'm ready to get fucked up!! Let's PACHANGAAA!!
by fsuchick August 05, 2010
A rash that develops as a direct result of stuffing a softball in one's jockstrap to overcompensate for life's short-comings.
Hey man, did you hear that Brian got Pachangas after playing ball on that lazy Sunday?
by NYBall June 07, 2006
an expression that denotes triumph or satisfaction in a vociferous manner; similar to boo-yah, hell yeah, or fuck yeah; is often paired with an arm pump or pelvic thrust
i just won the lottery-pachanga!!
i had to go to court and got out of that shit- pachanga!!
by stanley stump January 26, 2010
Term referring to the Don of the northern sector of Edmonton Alberta. Named after A Amiri aka the boss of all bosses. founder and head of the TC Cartel.
As far and as big as you make it in life, your still not in first, cause you aint no Pachanga.
by yvonoftheyukon October 24, 2010

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