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West Coast definition - Party or Dance Party.

Are you going to the Pachanga ? Simon guey hay te veo.
by Kuerno May 23, 2008
Noun - The Prison. In some cases may be Jail but usually refers to "doing hard time".

He's been in the joint for 20 years.
by Kuerno May 30, 2008
Prison Term

Device used to heat water.

Since hot water can be used as a weapon it is not allowed in many prison settings. Some prisons may have hot water in the day-room but it is not allowed in the cells.

Inmates will connect two wires from any source, TV plugs headphones or even handmade wire from aluminum foil to any 2 separated metal objects, usually metal-plates. By connecting the two wires to the outlet and dropping the stinger in the water the AC current will pass through the water heating it up. It is possible to boil water and with some practice inmates can even make candy with ingredients smuggled out of the culinary.

Sometimes a poorly made stinger will trip the circuit breaker for an entire tier or block causing discontent for both inmates as well as correctional officers.

Stingers are considered contraband in the prison system.
I was gonna make the Top Ramon Noodles I got from commissary but the cop confiscated my stinger.
by Kuerno May 23, 2008
A term commonly used in prisons to refer to effeminate male inmates that deal in sex.

Nearly every general population prison block has such inmates that gain their protection and receive commissary goods in trade for sexual favors.

It is not uncommon for them shave their legs and modify state issued prison clothing to be more attractive.
Once that Ass Pussy showed up everyone came out wanting to cell up.
by Kuerno May 23, 2008
Reventón (pronounced: reh-ben-TON)

Big party and/or Dance, usually with loud music and drinking.

May also mean concert usually with multiple performers or compilation of groups.

Spanish in origin literally means blow-out
Orale carnal, Vamos al reventon!
by Kuerno May 23, 2008
West Coast Surfing Slang (Los-Angeles) -

To wear shorts or pants without underwear.

Referring to not covering the male testicles.
Crap! I forgot to bring a extra underwear. I guess I'll have to bear ball it.


I hate bare ballin' it just doesn't feel right.
by Kuerno May 23, 2008
Noun - prison term

Refers to a pencil modified in a way to light fires using AC electrical power in a prison cell.

In prisons that have out-lawed smoking, matches are not allowed.

Inmates will generally use a paper-clip bending one sharp end out to poke it through the eraser of a sharp pencil. The other end is pushed into an electrical outlet. A wire from headphones or even rolled aluminum foil is pushed in the other hole in the outlet. When the wire is "struck" up against the sharp graphite carbon of the pencil it produces a "carbon-arc" capable of lighting toilet paper or other combustibles found in a prison cell.

A striker is considered contraband in the prison systems.
Hey, loan me your striker, I wanna smoke a pinner.

You can make tatt-ink with the soot from burning aftershave if you light it with a striker and place it under a paper bag.
by Kuerno May 23, 2008

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