The Next Gen console that ooks Very much like a fax machine/printer or an old vcd player, and has contollers that look like batmans' weapon of choice, A console that will surly crash, sieze up and short out due to the shoty cell processor.

Aka: GayStation 3, Fax machine
Jimmy: Whoa! nice fax machine mom!
Mom: its your birthday present son, a ps3.
Jimmy: FUCK!! OMFG WTF FFS! why mom why!

Bob: Jim can i use your faxmachine?
Jack: Sure!
Bob: .... *SEND*
Jack: thats my PS asshole! u fuked it!

Don: My ps3 burnt up...
Will: Are u surprised?
Don: no.. no not really.
by D0n June 07, 2005
The best thing to bless the Earth since sliced bread.
Kate: "I just bought my PS3"
Bob: *dies of jealousy*
by katew16VANX August 31, 2010
Sony's recently released overpriced system (MSRP:$600), which is basically a glorified ps2...same old shit with new and better graphics and a bigger hard drive.
"Don't waste your money on a ps3, if you wanna if you want something different than the same old thing then buy a Wii"
by Johnny Bouy November 30, 2006
Probably the greatest games console every made. It spanks the Xbox 360 back to the damn stone age cos we all know that they are so shit.
Tom: I got a PS3 yesterday
Matt: Oh cool!
Adam: Well I got an Xbox 360 last week.
Matt: Die in a hole!
by manadandin June 25, 2009
Console launched on Nov. 11 2006. Considered by many to be the best console out their today. As for all you PS3 haters... you can take your downgrade and blow it out your ass.
The PS3 is the best console.
Xbox 360 is moderate.
Wii is an ultimate failure.
by Toasty_154 June 21, 2011
The white elephant of the Sony Playstation series. Despite the fact there were riots in the streets as fans fought over it, the console is quite the most over-priced, ugly thing in video-gaming history. The control pads are wireless (I once bought wireless control pads for a console and they were a nightmare to use). They will cost gamers a fortune in batteries. Sony have already, rather unwisely, announced the PS4, the PS3 is not compatible with PS2 or PS1 games, and the PS3's game line-up is frankly pathetic.
According to Sony, the PS3 will have "4D graphics". Meaning they can travel through time? The PS3 can also fly you to any planet of your choice, cure all known diseases, work out how humanity can exist without wars, famine or suffering and ensure peace and love reign forever.
by Stormsworder October 01, 2007
unlike the discriptions from the little fanboys underneath this post.
The ps3 is great gaming console and blu ray player, it now costs as much as a xbox 360 and is garanteed not to die in less then a week, unlike the 360, unless ofcourse u drop it, then that would make u stupid. this system doesnt overheat, infact it can be on for 2 days and no overheat. Has a strange design, the controller has a batman batarang shape, but who the hell gives a shit, we're talking about the console not the controller, the 360 controller looks like a bigger batarang, so no difference. The new games coming out for ps3 are straight up awesome and original. Its a game console, and then some.
ps3 owner: dude, lets play on my ps3
XBOX 360 OWNER: its fucking cold at ur house man.
ps3 owner: bring over ur heater then.
xbox 360 owner: what?
ps3 owner: the one with the red lights and that big X.
xbox 360 owner: thats my xbox 360
ps3 owner: yeah that.
by The_DUUDE August 08, 2010

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