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A freakishly large, yet mostly empty silver box that "apparently" can give even the beefiest of desktop PC's penis envy.

The thing costs $1000, all for the sake of a blu-ray dvd player. I'd rather spend my money on something useful, like a car.
Why buy a ps3 for $1000 when i can get an xbox360 and nintendo wii for just about the same price?
by Millenstein September 25, 2006
Greatest games console. Mocked by wussy teens that listen to emo crap and play playstation.

Fact: Playstation was going to be a CD addon for the SNES, but Nintendo decided that it was bullshit, and Sony went solo. Therefore, playstation owes its existance to Nintendo.

Fact 2: Gamecube has the best graphics out of any system, look at Rouge Leader for chrissakes. Also made the sholder button, d-pad, reliable camera(used in Super Mario 64 and Zelda OoT), and comfy controllers. The gamecube is the epitome of human game design.
PS2 Fan: ooh, teh PZ2 is teh bezt!!!111eleven!!! game cube suxxxx !!!11!!1!!

Sane person: Nintendo created playstation, it was a SNES addon.

PS2 fan: ......

Sane Person: seems as though all your PS2 rotted your brain. Oh well.
by Millenstein April 25, 2006
A slang term, usually an insult, for the British. Used in old moviee before modern slang took hold, eg: Donovans Reef. Limeys are commonly snobbish, self absorbed and rude, and must be dealt with extreme prejudice.
"I thought I told you limeys to get out."

by Millenstein April 25, 2006

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