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Latest game to come from Capcom. Stars Leon Kennedy. So far only for the GC.
RE4 will kick ass. You can do so much shit in that game it's not funny... it's awesome
by chrisguy May 07, 2004
Stupid dumbass with little to no facts about anything
Take this for example: On Fifth estate, she said that the Canadian Army sent forces to Vietnam during the Vietnam war (we didn't just to let you know), and argued like a republican dumbass to try and defend her point. Then she insulted the host of Fifth Estate, knowing that she had been proven a dumbass on Canadian TV.
by chrisguy April 12, 2005
New game console from nintendo that:

1) has re-defined backwards compatibility, because you can play GC games, and download ANY nintendo games from the past 20 years onto it.

2) didn't have any games shown at e3... or for that matter, what it can do, graphics wise.

3) will have wi-fi internet and system link, and will have Super smash brothers online.
Nintendo revoultion sounds like a good console, but it would have been nice to see some footage instead of a model.
by chrisguy May 20, 2005
A unmaned machine that landed on mars. First thing it did was take a picture of itself... that way you know its truely american
mars rover
by chrisguy April 26, 2004
Kickass company that helped produce Metroid Prime. Did an awesome job on it too!
Retro studios kicks ass
by chrisguy February 09, 2004
Misspelling of Xbox. If anything's shitty, its the PS2. Xbox is commonly made fun of by PS2 fanboys and ignornt GC fans that don't own an Xbox (GC and Xbox are the two console for gaming happiness).
Shit-Box is what i `called my xbox for a while because it was slow, but then i saw how SLOW the PS2 loaded and started calling the Xbox by its real name
by chrisguy November 17, 2004
When the american people/nation refuse to believe that there nation has been involved in illegal activities and attacking countries that posed no threat to them. These people who suffer from ARTB will blindly protect their beliefs with the strength and insanity of an insane religious zealet. Deep down, we pity them.
American Refusal to believe is a condition and was a definition until someone suffering from it recommended for deletion. obviously it was deleted, but i restored it.
by chrisguy February 11, 2005

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