Sony's new next-gen system. It will be available spring 2006 and Sony has said it will have the best graphics of the 3 next-gen heavyweights. However, this is total BS because the Xbox 360 is comfirmed to have better overall performance. All Sony did was over-hype their machine using fancy specs like "floating point operations" and crammed in 7 pointless chips.

When looking at the systems design you can see that it looks like a printer from the 80's and the controller looks like a banana. Sony fanboys enter a state of mind in which their mind blocks out all images of the PS3's design and tricks them into focusing soly one the PS3's total BS specs upon seeing photo's of it.
Xbox fanboy:The PS3 looks more like a mini-fridge than a game console.

Sony fanboy:but the PS3 is more powerful!!

Xbox fanboy:

Sony fanboy:NOOOOOO!!!
by wintrblzzrd May 23, 2005
A reasonably priced console (considering it's hardware and features) that people only bash because they're too poor to buy one for themselves. Said poor people may also try to use the now irrelevant argument that the 'PS tripple' has no games, which is funny considering that the PS3 has more exclusive releases this year than the 360.
Guy 1: man i wish i had a PS3
Guy 2: me too, but my family can only afford a shitty 360 arcade bundle
Guy 1: same here, mine already broke and i had to send it to MS. I've got nothing to do!
Guy 2: Wanna go on the internet and try to bash it??
by Frederick marcellis December 26, 2008
A next gen games console that many people disrespect because they cannot afford it, or think that it's too expensive to buy, and many are too busy stuck up microsofts arse, with the xbox threeshitsty, the poor mans ps3. Honestly, you have to admit that the ps3 is a supercomputer in a sleek package. Hopefully I am getting one for crimbo, i have played on one, they are AMAZING
Oliver: Hey! I have that halo 3 beta on my xbox 360!

Me: <sarcasm> Go you!!! Hope your xbox still works after you played on it! Im gonna go home and play on my ps3 on Motorstorm, on my big HDTV.

Oliver: Ok, i'll go play some pirated games on my xbox 360, which my dad got me off The Pirate Bay!!!
by Alex Sumner June 01, 2007
v. To make an item too expensive by loading it with unnecessary features.
1. That six-blade, 10 setting, nuclear-powered, laser-guided, solid gold razor is too ps3ed for me to waste my money buying.

2. "Hey, Joe, I just fit my Mitsubishi with 12 plasma screens! Now isn't that pimpin'?"

"No, it's just plain ps3ed."
by The D-Man November 25, 2006
A video game console with all sorts of shiny new features such as Blu-Ray players, shimmering pewter controllers, Spider-man text, an analog light that's twice as bright as the PS2's, and maybe a new button or two.

However, it's really expensive (600-700 dollars) which really turns me off about the whole thing, and I'm probably gonna get a nice new Nintendo Wii unless Sony can come to their senses.
Little Johnny:"Osh-Gosh B-GOSH, what console should I get? The PS3, the Xbox 360, or the nice new Nintendo Wii?"
Little Billy:"The PS3 has a really bright analog light and Spider-man text, go get that"
Little Johnny:"Wow! What a bright light! Oh's really expensive..."
Little Billy:"Then maybe you should get an Xbox 360. It's got a super green ring of light that lights up in a certain way depending on your console's orientation!"
Little Johnny:"But Bill Gates own about fifty-five crystal toilet seats from the profit he's made! That's enough to put fifty-five toilet seats on one toilet!"
Little Billy:"Okay, behind Nintendo's curtain is a nice new Wii! It's really tiny and the promotional concept picture has a floating disc!"
Little Johnny:"Cool! I'll get that! Those people are having so much fun throwing their bodies around with that futuristic controller they got thar!"
Little Billy:"Way to go, Little Johnny!"

by A Little Pinprick August 07, 2006
a new console from sony,fanboys say that its twice as poweful as the 360 but the fact is that it only has 50 more MHZ in the processor....

the pricing for the PS3 has been announced (its official)

$499- PS3 with 40 GB HDD

$599- PS3 with 60 GB HDD

$699- PS3 Bundle with 2 games and 60 GB HDD
i worked for 6 weeks and had 300 dollas saved for the PS3....Sony ruined my dreams
by tha truth teller May 09, 2006
See Playstation 3

Widely hyped, though nothing is known about it. Due to the fact that somehow the PS2 sold over 100 million units, the PS3 will be widely successfully regardless of it's preformance.

The Cell processor has been said to have 7 cores, each running at 3.2 Ghz. Many developers have said that the Cell is much to complex to program for, and thus favor the Xbox 360 over the PS3.

The RSX "Reality Synthesizer" is another widely hyped aspect of the PS3 by Sony fanboys. Relatively nothing is known about it, except for the fact that it will emulate reality... clearly.

The Blu-Ray player in the PS3 is not neccessarily needed, as almost all next-generation video games will not go past 10 GB as stated by developers.
Person 1: "Did you get the PS3?"
Person 2: "I'm not sure. It's hella expensive, and doesn't look that much better than the Xbox 360."
Sony fanboy: "OMgZ!1!!!1!1 Noooo! HERETIC!"
by Console fanboys will die. January 14, 2006
An over priced George Foreman grill, enough heat and space to cook food for a 3rd world country plus it costs as much as a 3rd world country...
guy1: Hey check out that over priced george foreman grill
guy2: Yea it costs as much as a 3rd world country!
guy1: Oh wtf? isnt that the ps3???
by Vin888 November 13, 2006

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