An over priced George Foreman grill, enough heat and space to cook food for a 3rd world country plus it costs as much as a 3rd world country...
guy1: Hey check out that over priced george foreman grill
guy2: Yea it costs as much as a 3rd world country!
guy1: Oh wtf? isnt that the ps3???
by Vin888 November 13, 2006
Like an XBox 360, but about four trillion times better
Everybody loves PS3!
by blu3wat3r May 23, 2010
better than xbox 360 >:D
BLU-RAY is on PS3
by Ima Coolguy February 27, 2009
The ps3 is sonys new machine that allows you to burn $600 instantly once you buy it.
FUCK i baught a sony PS3, and ... i lost $600.
by Your Name : August 31, 2006
A console shaped like a mini grill that has controllers with a crappy layout. Two analog sticks that are way too sensative and leave you in an awkward position while using them. The controller has a useless accessory called a sixaxis. It measures rotation and acceleration, it's meant to enhance the experience but it really fucks it up. Fuck the ps3.

Dude 1: I just bought a ps3!
Dude 2: that sucks. Now you can't play great games like halo 3
by Hempn February 26, 2010
Blu-ray player from Sony. Also capable of playing videogames. Sony expects the average consumer to spend at least $500 to watch overpriced HD movies on a format that will almost certainly fail (see: Betamax, UMD).

Sony succeeded with the PS2 because it had mass appeal. You weren't required to own a $3,000 HDTV and $40/month Internet service to enjoy its full capabalities.
My friend: I want a PS3 but without the Blu-ray. It's too expensive and I don't need it.

Me: Don't worry. You'll still be able to play Grand Theft Auto 4 and Madden NFL 2008 on Xbox 360 for half the price.
by riiiiiiiiidge racer July 20, 2006
1. Sony's $600 Blu-Ray Trojan horse. A game system designed with games as a secondary concern, and getting the BD-ROM (Blu-Ray) format into consumer homes as the primary goal. While the $600 model will play Blu-Ray movies (as long as you spend $50+ on an HDMI cable) the cheaper "Crippled PS3" will not play Blu-Ray movies, as it lacks the required HDMI port (not to mention several other features). The only reason to purchase a PS3 is to play the Final Fantasy series, unless you've grown past the childish need for anime movies with 10 minutes of actual gameplay, in which case you can purchase both a Nintendo Wii and an Xbox 360 for the same price as the non-crippled PS3.

2. Console for Sony fanboys. Everybody with a brain will avoid it like Bird Flu.

3. Another way to say "too expensive"
"PS3 has 4D capabilities!"

"Aww. I'm bored with my PS3."

"After tax, games, HDMI cable, and a second controller, my PS3 cost a thousand dollars. I could have bought a kick-ass computer for that."

by ZeroCorpse May 14, 2006

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