An acronym for Past, Present, and Future.
Although PCs can do just about everything a Mac can, almost every person, PPF, consider Macs far superior.
by Cyanide Cupcake September 11, 2011
Top Definition
Acronym for Pre-Poop Fart, the flatulent signalling for the beginning of a large-intestine processional.
Me: "My favorite bone in your body is mine"
My Girlfriend: "Ohhh ohhh harder Philly, harder!!"
Me: "Sorry about the PPFs, do you want a Cleveland Steamer?"
by Yahoo! Answers Phil J December 08, 2008
Post Pizza Face Syndrome - If you suffer from PPFS you have horrible facial scars caused by really bad teen acne.
Woah, that dude is raged because he has PPFS.
by sTahon June 21, 2007
Pre Poop Fart (PPF)
The type off fart that occurs before the release of fecal matter. Usually a very stale odour is present with a PPF, an indication of old fecis that were stuck in the bowels finally getting their shot at the free world
The man released a fart and everyone in the surrounding area new immediatly that it was a PPF due to its stale stench
by Cdificile November 26, 2008
The Vaginal Labia of A Woman of African origins (Purple Piss Flaps)
Example 1-Gee-wizz i love PPF
Example 2- You got horiffic lips...just like PPF
by Tom Keeble December 15, 2009
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