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Acronym for Pre-Poop Fart, the flatulent signalling for the beginning of a large-intestine processional.
Me: "My favorite bone in your body is mine"
My Girlfriend: "Ohhh ohhh harder Philly, harder!!"
Me: "Sorry about the PPFs, do you want a Cleveland Steamer?"
by Yahoo! Answers Phil J December 08, 2008
58 27
Piss Pants Funny
Friend: man that was so funny

Me: yeah it was almost ppf
by pff123 March 22, 2010
19 4
Post Pizza Face Syndrome - If you suffer from PPFS you have horrible facial scars caused by really bad teen acne.
Woah, that dude is raged because he has PPFS.
by sTahon June 21, 2007
2 2
An acronym for Past, Present, and Future.
Although PCs can do just about everything a Mac can, almost every person, PPF, consider Macs far superior.
by Cyanide Cupcake September 11, 2011
2 4
Pre Poop Fart (PPF)
The type off fart that occurs before the release of fecal matter. Usually a very stale odour is present with a PPF, an indication of old fecis that were stuck in the bowels finally getting their shot at the free world
The man released a fart and everyone in the surrounding area new immediatly that it was a PPF due to its stale stench
by Cdificile November 26, 2008
14 19
The Vaginal Labia of A Woman of African origins (Purple Piss Flaps)
Example 1-Gee-wizz i love PPF
Example 2- You got horiffic lips...just like PPF
by Tom Keeble December 15, 2009
2 13