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A name usually given to a lazy and generally unmotivated person. The person usually has a light olive skin tone and a shiny afro. The afro houses many bugs and critters, as they do not wash it regulary. They are also very prone to addiction, be it sleep, food or drugs. They have no work habits whatsoever but are useful for farm work, especially plowing fields. Marsels do not have many opinions, but do like to mimic other people's preferences. Some specimens exhibit a special talent e.g. an ability to produce every sound known to man, beatboxing, or burping the entire alphabet.
They are also fairly interested in science, but sadly do not have the willpower to achieve great success.
I shaked that man's hand back there, and now my fingers smell like fried chicken. He must be Marsel.

Look at the man sitting on the bench. His stained black shirt and unshaven appearance point to the fact that his name is Marsel.

Dude don't be a Marsel, and get off the couch. Do something productive for a change.
by Futuristic Eggplant May 07, 2014
An all around asshole of a guy who will sleep around with your friends and drink up all the orange juice in your house
That dude over there is such a Marsel He screwed Jamie, her mom and her sister
by The Golden one April 26, 2013
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