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Personal Protective Equipment. safety goggles, hearing protection, etc.
plus i'm drunk.
Hey buddy, before you start drilling that bolt out, put on your PPE.
by jfin November 02, 2005
Post Pussy Eating Syndrome, symptoms appearing after extended period of time of pussy eating. They can be characterized by dry mouth and a tickle or irritation of your throat.
Guy: Can you pass me some Ricola?
Girl: Sure. What do you need it for?
Guy: To scratch the itch in my throat.
Girl: Oh, you have a case of PPES!
by globaltrotter May 26, 2009
Personal Pussy Eater: guy or gal who enjoys to orally satisfy women. He/she licks, kisses, sucks and eats pussy and ass. Often doesn't look return favors.
I am in dire need of pleasing a woman orally whom will also make me her "PPE - Personal Pussy Eater"
by PPE-Trainer December 27, 2006
Post Poop Euphoria. The wonderful feeling you get after evacuating your bowels.
Pooping at work is great; I'm in the throes of PPE!
by randallflagg February 27, 2012
Acronym for Personal Pussy Eater.

One who is in a committed relationship and eats pussy regularly.
My husband is my P.P.E.
by CLK July 17, 2006
inveted on febuary 4 2005 as a way to trick people in to thinking there is "cool" new acronym.
best used in a string of other acronyms
by Room0101 February 04, 2005
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