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A type of blue grasslike people rittled with occasionally bursting red dots, stooping slightly over with age, and are allergic to bright areas, and are in need of glasses for close-range sights.
There is a paraduity on the ground.
by Snerdly March 20, 2003
Screwed up owner of Mithica, not affiliated with Excalibur or unixmad.
I see Holycarp left Mithica
by Snerdly March 21, 2003
A guild everyone wants to be in because they have lame guns and are wicked lazy and don't do anything and lame people like crazy. Last time they protected people was a long,long time ago. No longer in the business of protecting, PPA commences in randomly killing people/gangs.kthx?
How can I give a bloody example when this defines a noun OMG HELP AHHH
by Snerdly August 17, 2003
Extremely corrupt member of the Graalian staff. Known for shutting down Mithica and PKing Snerdly on 2k1 with Staff Boots and warping tools.
Excalibur is being a whore again.
by Snerdly March 21, 2003
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