Abbreviation of "played" / "well played" - used in many ways to mean derivatives of "good" or "well done"
<MG5> Heh, just cnuted those Durham smacktards
<Merauder> pld

<RandomCSPlayer> Wow I found a pld campspot! pld me etc!
by Merauder March 26, 2003
short for a Pre/Post-lude doobie. The Pre-lude doobie is a doobie that is consumed before an event which will be much better whist under the influence of cannabis. The Post-lude Doobie is more of a relaxing, reflecting experience, which is consumed after an event.
DUDE we're about 10 minutes out from the pink floyd concert!! spark that pld so when we get theyre we dont have to worry bout dogs biting our asses!!

wow, what a day it has been, how about rolling up a PLD so we can all enjoy My Name is Earl
by Terribilis Pirata Collum Barba November 29, 2011
Programmable Logic Device. An integrated ciruit that is programmed into any number of configurations using a Hardware Development Language like Verilog or ABEL. More expensive but more versatile than fixed-function ICs
The Altera EPM7064LC44-15 is an entry-level yet versatile PLD.
by Ryan March 01, 2005
Common street abbreviation for Peace, Love, Deathmetal, as made popular by EODM.
I love you, anyways PLD!
by Jake Waters May 05, 2008
The acronym for "Po Life Decision" which is reserved for the absolute worst decisions in life.
Investing in the Greek economy was a PLD "Po Life Decision".
by polifedecisions March 17, 2015
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