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Poor Life Decision

Opposite of MLD (Mature Life Decision)

You may have made a PLD if....
1. You skipped a charity event to make out.
2. You skipped a charity event to do drugs.
3. You have seen numerous photos of yourself on the internet making out with many different boys.
4. You leave jewelry at a boy's place just to have an excuse to go back again and again.
5. You continually lose at "the game", you know.... the 'just the tip, just for a second, just to see how it feels' game.
6. You have drank during class, bonus points if it's not a night class.
7. You have pregamed alone.
8. You've pregamed rails with one substance or another. Bonus points if you've then continued to party hard until last call.
9. You can ever say you've had a "caffeine pill incident".
10. You went out during finals week. Bonus points if you had 2 finals the next day.
11. You earned shady stars in the parking lot OF YOUR JOB.
12. Or you have earned the stars in the parking garage of your job (classy).
13. You spread lies about a boy's penis size. Bonus points if they were to his BEST FRIEND.
14. You earned quasi gold stars with the best friend of the guy above.
15. You stumbled upon an accident boyfriend, claimed you don't like him, and then toss kissy faces in your profile.
16. Your allergies make you look stoned at work, so you go with it and smoke on your lunch break.
17. You snuck a boy into your house past your parents and then had sex. Twice.
Looking back, that was a PLD....
by supermjr August 04, 2006
Post-LOST Depression; The depression felt after 5/25/2010 when the series LOST ended.

Not to be confused with Post-Loss Depression which is felt after ones favorite sports team, usually the Redskins, loses.
Damn it Greg! Get over your PLD and watch The Event with me!
by BassMZero December 13, 2010
Poor life decision. An action that in retrospect, was not the best of ideas. PLDs are generally not performed while thinking clearly and usually lead to immediate regret.

The opposite of GLD (good life decision).
"Whoops, I got drunk and made out with my best friend. PLD"
"I heard loud thumping in my parents bedroom and walked in. PLD"
"My chemistry test is tomorrow, so I decided to stay up until 4 am watching lifetime movies. PLD"
"I couldn't find the trash can so I left the tuna sandwich under my bed. PLD"
"I went to see the movie Osmosis Jones. PLD."

by Mm 12 March 30, 2009
post lunch dump, the dump you have to take after eating an awesome lunch of hawaiin or mexican or fast food
man, that PLD lasted 25 mintues, I shoulda taken it easy on the tacos
by lotto1380 October 15, 2010
the hip new "old" when replying to someone who thinks they are introducing something new and fresh to a conversation, but its old news.
reemer: hey, David Hasslehoff is teaming up with Ice T for a new rap album!
reap: pld
by reap June 11, 2004
the Abbreviation of Paladin in the MMORPG Final Fantasy XI, also known as Pally, 'the tank', Knight (by JP players), and 'my meat sheild'
'Grab a PLD and lets go kick some a$$...only one is Zhouyun, damn that fux0r...oh well grab him and lets get killing'
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