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A lake leading out to the via narrow passage. Used in Scotland and Eire.
Loch Ness is a famous loch. Alrigh ya bumfluffa!
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 29, 2004
In Russian Loch, Means HERB, A low life, a person who was put on earth for no meaning
Ruben is a Loch because he picks on a smaller loch, Danny.

by pimpwitalimp February 18, 2008
A being named after the monster with its enormous beauty.
Damn that is one good Loching chick.

That is loch right there!
by SaraLochness May 19, 2011
A nickname which originates from the word 'Efflochness' which is another nickname typically used between two bffs. One bff is 'Loch' and the other is 'Ness.'

These types of nicknames share strong similarities with the primary bff nick-names, 'bee' and 'eff.'
Jen: Hey loch!
Mary: Hey ness!
Jen: Do you think our nicknames are starting to get a bit weird?
Mary: Yep.
by HmmfCreator May 28, 2009
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