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A word used by sigrid to terrorise innocent people on the London Underground.
Excuse me? Do you speak english? Is incely a real word? FS!!!
by Merauder March 26, 2003
Apparent location suitable for the rolling of marijuana joints for those working in corporate establishments.
Aah bro, heres one I rolled in the spazbogs during work.
by Merauder March 26, 2003
Abbreviation of "played" / "well played" - used in many ways to mean derivatives of "good" or "well done"
<MG5> Heh, just cnuted those Durham smacktards
<Merauder> pld

<RandomCSPlayer> Wow I found a pld campspot! pld me etc!
by Merauder March 26, 2003
To rashly and/or quickly uninstall software from your system.

<Merauder> I did a Rads, and cunted that piece of shite DAoC from my system incely.
by Merauder March 25, 2003
To quit a game or organisation one night in a fit of rage/disgust, only to rejoin the next morning.

Sunday: <Radium> Fuck this, I quit, cya cunts later

Monday: <Radium> urr I rejoined this morning
by Merauder March 25, 2003
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