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Plane killer
Gene is such a PK!
by baditude December 14, 2008
The word PK is an abbrieviated word which stands for PRETTY KENTS - this word which originally derrived from hardcore girls in Melbourne and started off as a crew and now is used world wide.
oh shit son, its namcy, anjoolah, lisa, leenah & annete they're such pk's i envy :(
by FULLEHSICKULEH November 28, 2007
To player kill;
usually used in the game called Runescape.
Dude, let's go pk some n00bs!!!
by afda May 20, 2007
In Cantonese swearing, means "pouk gai", which is tripping on a street, falling because of tripping, or saying that someone's condition or personality is like one who "pouk gai".
What a pk dude, he wanted to smash my head with a beer bottle but I kicked him in the stomach first.
by CBNSK May 03, 2007
Short for "party kid". Someone who quite simply, loves parties, and gets down with the get down, with a kid sense of fun.
"Hey dude! You wanna go to Ashley's later on? Her parents are outta town!"

"Hell yeah man, you know I'm a true PK!"

by Coolstina December 29, 2009
abbreviation for pain killer
SWIM blew a couple PKs and went to la la land
by PKpopper May 07, 2009
n.an abbreviation for the words "pussy killas".
It is also a STUPID crew in which 2 guys (or 3 depending on noah)think they can get any girl they want, when in fact they might get girls-but the sick, gross, UGLY ones.
This Friday, Dylan and Ty picked up a couple of ugly,fat Paly hoes and put them in the back of his red Ford Escape to begin their "Pk Weekend".
by AnonymousWriterPK January 02, 2009