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Short form for Pretty Frickin' (or Fuckin') Good.

Origin: In Good Company (2004), starring Dennis Quaid, Topher Grace.
That idea you came up with was PFG!
by craig February 03, 2005
PFG shorts are made by Columbia sportswear and are THE BEST SHORTS KNOWN TO MAN!

PFG stands for "professional fishing gear" and the shorts are designed to be used by fishermen, but are mostly worn in a casual, everyday setting.

These short are typically associated with preppy/frat guys (especially in the south) but can and are worn by many different types of people.

They're great shorts that you can just throw on and go.

Best worn while fishing or chilling or fishing/chilling.
It was hot out today so I just threw on some PFG's.
by NUTSACKERY January 31, 2011
Post Fap Guilt
I just got done watching some golden shower porn, after ejaculating i had instant PFG.
by WaterUnderTheFridge February 06, 2015
Pussy Fearing Gangsta(s)
Commonly, big guys in high school that are feared by all the school including teachers but, still ain't getting no pussy bc they're still virgins.
*Break Time*

Drama G: Ayo, punk! Gimme some dollars, I'm fucking hungry man!

Disaster: Go to the 10th grade and ask Patricia to give you my change.

Drama G: It's a joke man! I ain't hungry no more!

Disaster: Jesus dude!! Such a PFG!

Drama G: Shut up or you lose your jaws!!
by Jules Blacc November 18, 2014
Acronym for Piss, Food, 'n' Gas. When you stop at a gas station during a cross country road trip for those three things.
Day five. We started in Philadelphia and we finally made it all the way to Los Angeles. I've been here many times before, but never gotten here by car. Usually by plane so I'm here in five hours. It was about 48 hours total driving time, but PFGs and sleep of course made it five fuckin' days of travel!
by nickreaper January 18, 2012
Pure Fucking Gold. Refers to a really, really, really good idea. Can be kiddified into "Pretty Freaking Good" when virgin ears are present.
1. Giving Chrissy super-short shorts in "Three's Company" was Pure Fucking Gold.
2. The sight of Chrissy's long, long legs made me feel pretty freaking good.
by mylifeaquatic May 29, 2005
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