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A site run by a man named Tom, where people, generally from ages 14-20 go, to post pictures of themselves and make friends.

To be "myspace" means to be scene since the majority of teens on myspace are scene. This means taking pictures in the mirror, from retarded angles, that make you look smaller, that make you look prettier, and that make people want to add you.

Everyone on myspace has an account so people will add them, and comment, and they will feel important, which they arent.
I don't have a myspace because I don't need people to tell me I am awesome.
#dumb #lame #annoying #ugly #scene
by Questionable October 13, 2005
A newer term for "cool" "awesome" "mint" etc, used mostly by kids who are into Hardcore or Punk.
Your tags so wasei
Dude thats soooo wah say!
#cool #awesome #mint #neat #sweet
by Questionable October 13, 2005
A term used by hardcore kids when discussing a heated situation.
Last night was big heat yo.
#trouble #heat #heatscore #paranoid #scared
by Questionable October 13, 2005
A small city in Ontario, Canada. It's tough to find jobs here and the majority of the youth find it generally boring.

The fagcrew does not own nor are they cool they are actually PFG if you hadn't noticed. Sudbury isn't FULL of drunk teenagers, there actually are a few that find other things to spend time on.
Lets go to Sudbury and see a show since that's all there is there.
#city #ontario #fagcrew #canada #boring
by Questionable October 13, 2005
Pretty f*cking gay. Used to describe something gay.
Yo, that guy with the ten holes in his face is PFG
#gay #homo #pretty #queer #dyke
by Questionable October 13, 2005
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