People Falling Down. Abbreviation. Commonly used in texting or Facebook posts.
Text: crazy party bro. pfd everywhere.

Facebook: Funny video! I love PFD!
by PFDlaugher March 26, 2011
Pretty Fucking Drunk
Man, I got PFD last friday. I can't remember anything after that 5th shot.
by JeffRodriguez August 02, 2007
To Party the Fuck Down, parting for an extended amount of time usually more than 24 hours
Are you ready to PFD?, You must be a hella partier to PFD
by M. Dunn/Pangela December 02, 2006
founded by jackie and the six chix, this kick ass word is a take off of PFG(from In Good Company)and means "pretty fuckin(or fricken)dandy"
Wow, barbeque chicken is PFD!
by cookie March 15, 2005
Acronym for "post flight dump". Known in the airline industry, the need to take a dump after landing.
Man, I have to get to the men's room for a
by MR. JMA November 08, 2008
plan for day, as in, what is the plan for today?
what's the pfd? similar to pfn (plan for night)
by doubleu June 10, 2008
Portable Flame Device

Used by stoners referring to a lighter
guy 1: you dude pass the PFD
Guy 2: HUH?
Guy 1: The portable flame device
guy 3: he wants the lighter
by tommywhite March 16, 2008

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