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how one looks when checking someone out
He was oogling her goodies
by Beverly April 01, 2004
Ogling on google. Putting deliberately dodgy search terms into google images to ogle at the results.
Will: OH my god, I just searched for 'blonde professional' on google images look what i found!

Adam: Shit! That chick must be double jointed!

Boss: Stop OOGLING all day and get on with some work. Ya Schmuck.
by Will_I_Adam April 24, 2009
the act of seducing someone with your eyes/stare. Sometimes includes the eyebrows moving.
Victoria was oogling me the other day i was so turned on!!
by beasticeskater94 January 18, 2012
The act of staring trance-like at the Google home page trying to recall what it was that you wanted to search for in the first instance.

Combination of Ogling and Google
Toby: "Have you seen Enid since her dilemma of not knowing what to focus her research paper on?"
Mavis: "Not really. Last time I saw her she was at her computer for hours just oogling"
Toby: "Perhaps we should help her with some subjects"
Mavis: "Nah let's just fool around"
by kuy101 April 04, 2009
The reaction one gets when talking to Niki Orman
I talked to Niki and I was oogling all day
by Anonymous October 28, 2003
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