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how one looks when checking someone out
He was oogling her goodies
by Beverly April 01, 2004
the act of seducing someone with your eyes/stare. Sometimes includes the eyebrows moving.
Victoria was oogling me the other day i was so turned on!!
by beasticeskater94 January 18, 2012
Ogling on google. Putting deliberately dodgy search terms into google images to ogle at the results.
Will: OH my god, I just searched for 'blonde professional' on google images look what i found!

Adam: Shit! That chick must be double jointed!

Boss: Stop OOGLING all day and get on with some work. Ya Schmuck.
by Will_I_Adam April 24, 2009
ogling on Google
"Who's that girl you've been oogling?"
by Kim Yu-Na February 24, 2010
The act of staring trance-like at the Google home page trying to recall what it was that you wanted to search for in the first instance.

Combination of Ogling and Google
Toby: "Have you seen Enid since her dilemma of not knowing what to focus her research paper on?"
Mavis: "Not really. Last time I saw her she was at her computer for hours just oogling"
Toby: "Perhaps we should help her with some subjects"
Mavis: "Nah let's just fool around"
by kuy101 April 04, 2009
The reaction one gets when talking to Niki Orman
I talked to Niki and I was oogling all day
by Anonymous October 28, 2003