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yung joc's coffee shop
if you need the number 1-800-starblocks, coca latte damned to make ya heart stop
by doubleu May 06, 2007
mid-2008 forum-speak substitution for 'might as well'
<Me> i'm bored and ready to go <Kash> yasamehere <Me> minus whale then
by doubleu June 18, 2008
how Indians pronounce Microsoft(tm) Windows
damn Vindows Wista SP1 sack riders
by doubleu June 17, 2008
it's facebook, but for cats!
did you see fluffy's catbook site? she's such a little whore....
by doubleu January 28, 2008
short for Toyota Tacoma
That TRD Taco is badass!
by doubleu May 17, 2007
how Indians pronounce 'Vegas'
We are Wiva Las Wegas... were going to book tickets today!
by doubleu October 12, 2007
When a hip-hop/r&b artist of varying popularity performs the introduction on a pop tune.
teen 1: Did you see Hillary Duff's new "Reach Out" video? It's so hot!
teen 2: Yeah but I could've done without the nigtro though...
by doubleu August 26, 2009

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