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A term for saying goodbye to a friend when you know you will see that person again shortly. An acronym derived from the commonplace Russian-English hybrid phrase, "paka for now."
--- I'll call you later.
--- PFN
by smmssmms November 21, 2010
ping for nudes
'ping' is a term you use over text most of the time to get someones attention.
Sarah: Hey, whats up!
*10 mins later*
Sarah: ping
Sarah: ping
Marcus: Oh hey, sorry my phone died.
'nudes' is a naked photo taken most of the time by yourself.
So when people say 'ping for nudes' or 'pfn' you text or inbox them saying 'ping' amd they will send you a nude.
by Mark2324 June 17, 2014
PFN or a "post fap nap" is the nap you have after a rather satisfying wank, not a term used by young people as they are still ashamed of it
person 1: sup bro
person 2 : just finished a PFN
person 1: aight wash your hands and drop by man
by rickyboy420 May 10, 2014
plum fucking nuts
that chick is pfn
by prince55 August 23, 2009
Pretty fucking nice. The middle of the spectrum between NFN (Not fucking nice), and RFN (Really fucking nice).
"Did you take that girl home last night?"

"No, but we made out in her car for a while. It was PFN."
by MDIGFH March 29, 2009
paul fuking norton
hes da best

paul is god.

pfn is the best eva
by f yu asshole September 09, 2009
Prehistoric Fucking News

used when old fucking news isn't applicable
n00b: all your base

kewl1337d00der(lawlz): pfn

n00b: huh?

kewl1337d00der(lawlz): killyerself
by markus November 19, 2004