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Pre Ejaculatory Fluid
I saw your sister and I got a little PEF in my pants
by DeadzeroCustom September 04, 2003
Post Eating Fatigue - the tired feeling experienced after consuming a large amount of food.

Can be used as a noun, verb or adjective
I have a serious case of the PEF

I am peffing out mate!!

You are looking quite pefly
by kyranc November 01, 2011
An X-factor introduced into a conversation to enhance a story, based on unsubstaniated information, covering a wide range of possibilities. A practice typical of ex-newspaper people who've made the transition to public relations work. (Pronounced: pee-ee-eff).
It’s possible we’ve got enough to cover the whole thing; depending on the P.E.F., though, we could be way short.
by Aquamanatee7 October 25, 2009
PEF stands for Post Exam Fever. The sickness that many people get after or before exams.
Teacher: Where is Harrison today?
Student: He's got a serious case of PEF
by duck_god17 November 20, 2014
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