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A loss of strength, or power
I fell down due to Fatigue
by cap. sarg. thunderbolt mcpatty March 13, 2009
113 21
(Noun) the feeling of weakness you get after Nat sucks the energy from your soul because he needs it for his massive muscles
Guy 1:Man, after Nat sucked the energy from my soul for his massive muscles, I'm feeling really weak!
Guy 2: I know, fatigue sucks!
by TheEnglishDonut April 30, 2014
5 1
being out on the block on security: lookout
Man Joe, I need to you be on fatigues tonight
by JayByrd July 03, 2006
23 33
A group of fat people.
"that fatigue needs to go to subway not golden coral"
by Clop Placrid March 01, 2007
44 165