Parks Committee of Pawnee

(as seen on Parks & Recreation, also known as the best show ever.)
PCP has been camped outside Chris Traeger's office all morning demanding that Pawnee's parks be reopened!
by Leslie Barbara Knope April 03, 2013
acronym for a great, safe-sex method consisting of a trifecta of (birth control) Pills, Condoms, and Pullout to combat pregnancy.
Hey man, ever worry about your girl getting knocked up?

Nope, when we're screwing we always use PCP-- she's on the Pill, I wear a Condom and make sure to Pullout. No babies for me, baby.

Hell yeah, amen to that!
by UCLAgenius August 14, 2009
The Post-Coital Piss. The piss taken immediately after intercourse (either with a lady or your own hand), preferably whilst still nursing a semi. The feeling of enjoyment is only marginally less than an orgasm. Second to the act of banging a fair lady, the PCP is one of the greatest things known to man.
Dave: I fucked the missus senseless last night, pulled out and ran to the bathroom with my still erect cock for a PCP. Bliss.
by dan_gsy December 11, 2011
Post Coffee Poop or Post Caffeine Poop
Friend 1: I'm gonna PCP. Meanwhile, why don't you pick a movie to watch?
Friend 2: Uh, okay!
by Amymeow March 02, 2015
A powerful, mind rotting drug. Causes people to brutally kill others or hack themselves to pieces. Basically, it is like the flare from maze runner, except it wears off eventually.
PCP made that guy cut his tongue off and tie it on his finger so he 'wouldn't forget where he put it.'
by redstonecrap134 March 28, 2015
Perucho Cum Power

Usually used as an inside jokes between Peruvian friends.
Tarek: Check Anthony with those girls !!!

Thomas : OHHHHH PCP !!!
by tarek177 April 16, 2010
the quickest way to become a superhero
angel dust
power potion
blue smokes
I heard superman smokes PCP
by phobia928 September 06, 2007

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