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1. Tough guy. Warrior and Charmer. (Middle-Eastern connotation)

2. To do something without putting much thought into it.
1. He was a tarek around people he didn't know.

2. Pulling a Tarek
by Tark_theShark October 26, 2007
A name for a guy that is very funny, smart, cute and athletic. Sometimes he may be like a rock a little hard and rough on that outside but if you just polish it a little you will find them jem inside that you knew was in there all along even if not everyone believe you.
"That guy is really cute I bet his name is Tarek."
by ^-^ H ^-^ July 10, 2008
Rarely a Tarek is a small, but loud genius. He's a grammar freak, a nerd, and a dork. If you have a question on the space time continuum theory he'sthe guy. Smart charming genorous and kind. Watch out if he's mad though. Known for devoting copious amounts of time to revenge seeking. Stay on his good side.
Hey Prof. Dork just talked about the space time continuum
Hey Tarek do you have a minute
by The Vindictive Spirit May 31, 2009
Man with the ability to fit the biggest of cocks in his ass
that tarek can really fit it in there
by MIsterFisterYup June 19, 2015
'Tarek' the most common name for a terrorist. usually connected to mass bombings and destruction of the world. Many Tarek's have been connected to the 9/11 bombing.
"Oh no the terrorists are here!"
"Must be Tarek and his mates!"
"Please Don't Bomb our city Tarek!"
by The God Dictionary July 24, 2013
A name given to someone who forgets his car at school and walks home.
Tarek is a guy also named T-Box aka Salad Tosser aka Muff Diver aka Oysterbator.
by JackDaniels848348384 November 08, 2007
A name given to someone who:

a. forgets his car at school and walks home
b. does not listen no matter how many times one repeats his or her self.
c. talks excessively about gay pornography
Wow, look at that Tarek, just let em be.
by Johnathan Billy February 07, 2008
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