Pop Chips Pizza Party. Refers to a party where there is no booze or drugs. Usually boring and should not be attended unless you have absolutely nothing else to do or you have a stash for yourself.
Ted: Dude you trying to go to Kelly's house?
Herb: No, every party she has had is PCP. I dont do those. If you wanna be a twat and squat to piss, you can go to it.
Ted: Ok...
by --Uzi-- September 18, 2007
Jean-ya man, i've been on pcp the past couple days from all the food

Sam- I know right? What was in grandmas roast beef?
by asian invasion 69 December 26, 2008
POOP-CHUTE-PRINCESS To have anal for the first time
Did you here, mary joined the PCP club last night.
by melissa38221 December 13, 2007
pest control product
pest control prodigy
10 hp 99 str
99 str
untrim str cape owner
trimmed str cape owner

l0l nise str capes pcp
i mean u jimmy and hades and everyone on rs with 99 str l0l
by ko pro January 31, 2009
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