Punk Ass Bitch.

Usage: For describing someone who ditched the guys and his manhood for a needy, dumb, bitchy, bi-polar girl who gets trashed off of one drink. The fact that he cannot converse with guys anymore and acts like a fruit says it all.
After getting a group of guys together to chill:

Guy 1: Should we call Michael?
Guy 2: No, fuck Michael. He's such a PAB.
by What happened? January 02, 2006
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Short for "punk ass bitch" to be used in the workplace when such profanities are not allowed. Can easily be disguised as "pal" if someone asks what you said. In some cultures, it can stand for "pussy ass bitch"
Carland from accounting is such a PAB, I bet he tosses salads in his spare time.
by HC Green December 01, 2004
Pussy Ass Bitch
Brian Jarrett is a PAB
by Dansby October 14, 2010
Pussy Ass Bitch
Jorey is such a PAB!
by AirThomas November 23, 2009
Short for Phillip Arthur Brog. He is a DECA god and loves to wear blue shirts. His cynicism could melt plate glass. Due to the sheer ignorance of the senior class at Houston High School he did not win most dramatic. Most importantly he is a Punk Ass Bitch that can pop lock AND drop it with the best of them...
From the backseat of a toyota avalon full of white kids in downtown memphis directed at some ladies on the corner: Whassup Bitches!?
Us:PAB shut the hell up..we're going to get shot
by Dave Boy October 27, 2007
PAB stands for Pussy Assed Bitch. Slang, often used for a person who is a complete pussy, wimp, or complainer; 1. One who crys constantly about something unimportant and ruins the experience for others. 2. One who wimps out and proves to be unreliable and quite Vagina-like.
Also may be used in the form: Pabbing
Person 1: "Hey guys, did you hear about Jake? He complained about us going out tonight instead of watching a chick flick."

Person 2: "Yeah, and now he said he's hanging out with his girlfriend instead of driving us."

Person 1: "Wow, what a PAB."

Person 2: "He's pabbing out like a whipped sissyboy!"
by BorSlayer April 08, 2010
a spanglish portmanteau derived from panza (mexican slang for large gut) and abs. I. e. a man with an abdomen so muscular his abs are super cut, but are distended. This is most likely a result from heavy steroid or human growth hormone abuse. Commonly seen in body builders. See Roid Belly
All the gay muscle marys took off their shirts at the club. At first i thought the stripper was fat but then i realized he had PABS.
by Angelboy147 July 13, 2010
Pab: Pack A Bowl

Term used in reference to typically smoking of the marijuana on your spare time, or anytime really.
Me: "Dude lets play some Call of Duty: Black Ops."
You: "Alright man but we should pab first."
by D-pown November 16, 2010

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