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Name of a super bad ass motherfucker who owns everything an everyone. The name in urban legends you only hear about in your nightmares. A name given to the chosen one.

One who is the joker of the group. very attractive, atheltic, intimidating, yet the sweetest guy to the girl he loves.
Jorey is someone who cares for the ones he loves but is the enforcer.
by blondie505 February 05, 2010
a JOREY is a greatly disfigured ranga who thinks hes kool and has a big penis. the truth is very far from this. he is actually very gay and has quite a small penis, actually smaller than average. to sum it up, a jorey is a weird disfigured ranga
shitty : hey look at that ugly redhead!!!
crapper : yea hes a jorey
darn tootin
by one of the beaumont children January 10, 2008

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