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A boy who is not tough or strong or a boy who is a flat out sissy
Guy 1 "Man did you see that sissyboy start crying when he was hit in the arm!"
Guy 2 "Yea man I think his name is Reuben or Jesse."
by The Man March 25, 2004
gender rebel, hot faggot in a dress, performance art group in portland oregon known for being loud, foul, nasty,artistic, innovative, and above all...extremely sexy.
"are you going to the next sissyboy show?"

"sissyboy is offensive and wrong!"
by pillowbookparade May 17, 2005
1.boy who lets people pick on him. they're too "afraid" to tell them to fuck off. most likely an emo boy.

2.guy who's in a boy band, sings like a little girl, acts like a fucking sissy.
1.sissy boy: *crying*

person:"why are you crying?"

sissy boy:"because that guy over there won't stop picking on me!"

2.sissy boy(in boy band)singing a gay ass pop song: *sings*

rocker: *beats the shit out of him with his guitar*
by Heather May 01, 2005
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