A punk ass bitch
He is a major PAB
by Armundo August 29, 2009
n. 1. This is the acronym for "punk ass bitch". a P.A.B. pronounced pab, is one who wines like a bitch, usually a tron, can be tronned easily, crys easily, and has similar qualities of those just stated.
2. The two word suffix "punk ass" can be added to multiple nouns to enhance their descriptiveness.
1. We were playing fris, and i barley touched this tron and he fell on the ground and started crying. What a P.A.B.

2. I asked this tron if he wanted to hook up a red version gaming session.
He then asked me whats a red version?
What a punk ass noob.
by P-tone November 03, 2004
Pussy ass bitch
Girl 1: Have you talked to Ben lately?
Girl 2: Nahhh, he's acting like a total p.a.b.
by HeelYeah1230 March 31, 2009
Pussy Ass Bitch or Punk Ass Bitch
That dude is a fuckin P.A.B. He chickened out of the robbery.
by N__DiZZle December 18, 2005
pathetic ass boy: a boy who thinks he is really cool and awesome and has friends, but really everyone else just wonders why he doesnt realize how obnoxious he is
omg kelly, don't you think david is a complete and total PAB? why would he ever disrespect hot girls by commenting on that. I wish he would realize that everyone thinks he has no life and nobody wants to be his friend...
by anorexic_chick January 03, 2011
Pretty Amazing Buddy
Person 1: Hey man, you know Peter?
Person 2: Yea man, I love Peter! He's a PAB of mine.
by rocketmountainlion March 17, 2015
Usually explaining someone's Ab's when their name starts with a 'P'.
Jason: Damn Dude, Pebo's Got Some Ab's!

Brandon: Nawww Man! Those Are His PABS!
by jasonmzmza August 20, 2010

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